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May 22 2017

ECE2017 hits the headlines!

With more than 3,000 attendees and just over 1,800 abstracts on cutting-edge endocrine research, ECE 2017 has piqued the interests of journalists worldwide. This year the European Society of Endocrinology (ESE) issued six press releases for abstracts of public interest. Here we report on the media coverage so far and will update as the news spreads.

Watch Newsfarma's interview with ESE President AJ van der Lely introducing ESE and ECE 2017. 

Christian Benedict (Sweden) is quoted in the ObserverBoots WebMD and Daily Star after presenting his work on the link between sleep loss and weight gain. Although a link between increased obesity risk and sleep disruption is known, the underlying causes are not well established. Dr Benedict reports on a number of human studies that reveal how sleep loss can affect appetite and metabolism. 

Dr Yona Greenman and Dr Stylianos Tsagarakis debated the merits of medical therapy for treating a common type of pituitary tumour, in terms of patient safety and effective care, read the full article on Medscape.

Guillem Cuatrecasas also spoke to Medscape about his study showing that growth hormone treatment can enhance recovery in spinal injury patients. This is the first human study to examine this therapy and could lead to life-improving treatments for patients in the future. The article will be published soon.

The Giornale di Sicilia also reported on thyroid cancer research from the congress, with quotes from new ESE President Elect, Prof Andrea Giustina.

Watch out for exclusive stories on diabetes and Vitamin D based on the press releases live today!

To see all press releases issued for ECE 2017, check out the media office page.

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