Guided Posters

Guided Poster tours:

  • There will be 24 Guided Poster tours taking place across Sunday 21 May, Monday 22 May and Tuesday 23 May, in the exhibition and poster hall at the congress centre (8 per day). The schedule for the Guided Poster tours can be found below.
  • These are printed posters that will be available to view throughout the entire congress in the poster, catering and exhibition hall.
  • Please note that you are required to hang your poster before the commencement of the first coffee and tea break on Sunday 21 May at 10:00 – 10:30 in the poster and exhibition hall - you will NOT be able to hang/display your poster before this time. All posters must be removed by the last coffee break on Tuesday 23 May.
  • In addition all accepted Guided Posters will be invited to upload an ePoster that will be displayed by category/topic in the foyer areas of the congress centre throughout the duration of the congress. Please follow the instructions below for ePosters.
  • All Guided Posters must be printed PORTRAIT. Poster boards will be 1m wide by 2m high. Fixing materials will be provided.

Guided Poster Tour Schedule:

  • Please find below the schedule for the guided poster tours.

  • Each day will run 8 poster tours, with each poster tour containing between 10-15 poster presentations.

ePoster Instructions:

  • This year our poster sessions will take on a state of the art electronic format. ePosters will be displayed on plasma screens in the main foyer areas of the congress by topic/category area, allowing for more interaction with authors of similar specialism, and the opportunity for delegates to view posters online during and after the congress. This innovative format will allow us to maximisethe exposure of delegates work.
  • Details of how to upload your ePoster will be available in the coming weeks.


Guided Poster Tour Timetable:

Guided Poster Timetable